Business Litigation/Corporate Disputes

personalinjurySteve’s litigation experience includes extensive experience with business/corporate/partnership disputes such as shareholder or partnership control disputes where one group of shareholders or partners try to take control of a corporation or partnership, and business/corporate split ups where business owners want to split up or liquidate the company, as well as disputes where officers  of a corporation have not followed the corporate by-laws or breached or are alleged to have breached their corporate duties. Often these disputes involve emergency efforts to obtain Temporary Restraining Orders, appointment of a receiver, or seeking an accounting. Steve has obtained TROs and injunctions, as well as defended attempts to obtain injunctions. On multiple occasions Steve has sought and obtained appointment of a receiver to take over operation of a corporation as well as defended against efforts to have a receiver appointed. In a recent case Steve represented clients in such a dispute. Steve was successful in obtaining appointment of a receiver then his client was able to successfully buy out the other owners. Steve has also been involved in business split ups where owelty (payment of money between partners or shareholders) is used to equalize interests that are being divided. In another of these cases Steve’s opponent appealed and the Nevada Supreme Court upheld appointment of the receiver, Rabbe v. Maddex, 103 Nev. 817, 809 P.2d 45 (1987).